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Our Principal Consultant is Dr. Joseph L. Madrigal who has proven senior level experience in executive decision-making, business strategy, strategic business planning, research and development drawing on more than 30 years of consulting experience at the national and international level in private industry. He is an energetic self-starter with excellent analytical, organizational, and creative skills. He has distinguished himself for his talent in finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

His skills in Six Sigma [DMAIC, Design for Six Sigma - DFSS], Benchmarking, Process Management, Leadership and Top Level Indicators], innovation, lean, theory of constraints, kaizen, quality improvement methodologies, rational decision making, survey sampling, queuing systems, and market research have benefited numerous Fortune and FTSE companies, including transactional, manufacturing [including food and beverages products], service, high-tech electronic, software, retail, aerospace, telecommunications, and communication industries.

Dr, Madrigal is an expert in new product development. He has mentored several end to end DFSS Innovation projects [in Germany, US, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Spain, UK, Belgium, India, China and Philippines]. He has more than 13 years of experience in DFSS. Implementation of these new (re) designs has led to significant increases in revenues (ranging from 75% to 450%). For new designs, the average contribution to gross profit has been 2.5 times higher than for products developed without using DFSS.

Dr. Madrigal actively participated in the development of the first six sigma training materials for GB and BB. Later on, he developed one of the first training for Master Black Belts. He has coached/mentored over 400 quality improvement projects.  In 2010, one of the companies that he led on the global deployment of LSS won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award a prestigious and highly coveted award in the US. In 2006, one of his Japanese Six Sigma teams won first place at one of the most prestigious worldwide Six Sigma competitions- organized by the International Quality and Productivity Center, a London-based organization,. His consulting work has generated documented savings/revenue close to $500 million dollars. His projects have involved all functions of the value chain, i.e., planning, procurement, marketing, product development [Innovation, R&D], production, distribution, sales, logistics, customer service plus finance, HR, and IT

Dr. Madrigal is an experienced Master Black Belt/Black Belt trainer including executive training, DFSS, QFD, Benchmarking, advanced statistical methods, and change management. He has developed Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, and Lean training material for several global corporations. He has also developed examinations for Black Belt certifications for several global corporations. Throughout his career Dr. Madrigal has trained, certified, coached and mentored thousands of belts (Green Belts, Black belts and Master Black Belts) in Six Sigma, DFSS and Lean, plus hundreds of Champions and Executives

He has won several teaching excellence awards. He is a Fellow and Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society in Great Britain, a member of the operations management society, and a senior member of the American Society for Quality. He was recognized in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering Millennial Edition. He was the President of the Board of Directors for a non-profit organization (2000-2005) and has worked in private industry, government, and academic settings. Dr. Madrigal holds a Doctorate in statistics from Oxford University, England, a postgraduate diploma in business management and statistics from Warwick University, England. He also holds a M.Sc. in statistics and computer science and a B.Sc. in applied mathematics and economics. Dr. Madrigal co-authored the book Experimental Strategies for Quality Improvement in Industry. He has written several monographs and over 25 scientific papers in quality management, customer satisfaction, queuing systems, and biostatistics.

Our Senior Executive Consultant is Dr. Ray Littlejohn··

Upon completion of graduate school (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 1977) Ray began a teaching career at North Central College (Naperville, IL) where he taught for 5 years. During his teaching tenure he also did consulting work (Marketing, Marketing Research, and Forecasting) and lectured for The American Management Associations. He left teaching to engage in consulting full time in a company he formed with two teaching colleagues. The consultancy focused on forecasting and market research. After approximately 5 years of consulting, Ray went into industry as a statistician with Sealed Power Corporation. He subsequently served as the Quality Assurance Manager for Sealed Power Division of Sealed Power Corporation, a Tier 1 automotive engine components supplier. Subsequently he joined Luftig & Warren, International. His consulting activities at Luftig & Warren International involved the entire breadth of topics in the area of business and quality improvement including all of the components of a comprehensive implementation of TQM (Total Quality Management) as well as the training and implementation of Six Sigma Business Improvement methodology.

Ray has consulted and conducted training in the metal processing industries (Alcoa, Northwest Aluminum, Inland Steel, Olin Brass, Sealed Power, INA Bearing, Danaher Tool, Metal Container Corporation, Zapata Industries), in the food and beverage industries, both production and suppliers (Anheuser-Busch, Earthgrains, Sara Lee Bakery Group, Eagle Snacks, Ball-Foster Glass, Metal Container, Closure Systems, Inc.), electronics, semiconductor, high tech manufacturing and assembly industries (Alien Technology, 3D Systems, Sheldahl, Molex, AMP, MEMC Semiconductor), ink and chemical industries (Flint Ink, Sunoco, Elkem Chemical, Alcoa, Hunt Chemical), automotive, truck and aircraft supply industries -- both engine components and interior systems (Sealed Power Corp, Grupo Antolin, Trim Systems/ASC, Inc.), and other miscellaneous industries (Helix Medical - medical device manufacturer, Williams International - jet engine manufacturer). Ray's activities in these companies have involved many business areas and activities including: customer survey and customer satisfaction enhancement, supplier systems development, business planning, policy deployment, business system development and improvement; business, manufacturing and administrative product and process improvement; daily management; process control; statistical start ups and conducting training in all of these areas.
In addition, Ray has considerable expertise in Designing and Analyzing Experiments for advanced problem solving and process improvement, and is particularly good at advanced statistical analysis of research studies. He also teaches Experimental Design, Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt, and Champion courses and all of the support courses for Business Performance Improvement.

We also have other Six Sigma Certified Master Black Belts and Black Belts consultants that are part of our team.